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Diversifying demand for nature-based solutions

In the Veneto region of Italy, an active LENs project is helping to drive regenerative landscape transformation. With a legacy of intensive land use, supply chains in this area are at severe risk of soil and aquifer degradation. In response, Prosecco Consortium and Nestlé Purina Petcare have partnered with Veneto Agricultura – a local agriculture outreach organisation – to invest in regenerative agriculture and viticulture techniques, as well as the creation of bounded habitats within the landscape. Beyond project advice and network building from 3Keel, the success of this project has been brokered and assisted by local organisations who form an extensive wider LENs community of practice, including the World Biodiversity Association, CSQA, and Vegal.

The first full-scale trade is currently at the final stages of negotiation, with the demand consortium seeking to invest high six-figure sums into the Veneto landscape. Once terms of the negotiations have been agreed, arable farmers and viticulturalists will soon be implementing measures on their fields and vineyards. With trade one nearing finalisation, attention is turning towards trade two, in which LENs Italy seeks to expand the scope of the demand consortium to include local water utilities companies. This will allow the project to scale up and deliver a wider range of environmental, farmer and business benefits.

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At a glance

Where Italy, with trades in the Veneto region
Who Prosecco Consortium and Nestlé Purina Petcare, with LENs supply-side coordinated by Veneto Agricultura and further support from the World Biodiversity Association, CSQA, and Vegal
What Improving soil and aquifer quality
How much The first trade is estimated to take place this year, with an associated value in the high six-figure range

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