Data Protection and Privacy Policy


3Keel Group Ltd is committed to respecting the privacy and personal data of our customers, staff, and associates. This statement sets out what personal data we hold and how we store, access, use, and remove it from our business.

Why we have personal data

Our businesses uses personal data when it is relevant and appropriate for carrying out our work, employing staff, or appointing sub-contractors. We hold personal data, where appropriate, for the following purposes:

1) Client projects
Some projects or programmes may necessitate the use of personal data for analytical reasons on behalf of our clients. This could be through the use of customer or stakeholder consultations, by assessing existing data held by our clients, or by virtue of data collection programmes on behalf of our clients.

Data may be processed in order to produce anonymised industry-level reports, with all information aggregated to ensure confidentiality is maintained.

2) Employment or Subcontracting
All workers and subcontractors associated with 3Keel must provide sufficient information to ensure that their appointment is appropriate (e.g. legal right to work, personal references).

3) Newsletters
3Keel offers individuals the opportunity to register themselves to receive communication from our business. The data we collect is kept private and used in accordance with UK legislation. Individuals must opt-in to newsletters.

Data Protection Act 1998 and the EC Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003.

3Keel policy

A) Commercially sensitive data is held securely within 3Keel systems and requires approved credentials to access using two factor authentication.

B) All personal data held by 3Keel will only be used for internal and client purposes and will never be passed on to other organisations or third parties.

C) If the purpose of data use changes, the owner or provider of the data must be informed and give their consent to the change.

D) Owners have the right to opt out of the processing or use of their personal data at any time.

E) For projects and programmes where company data is collected from supply chains, it is done so through a secure online portal. All passwords are encrypted and are not able to be viewed by 3Keel.

F) By submitting their data, a company agrees that any information supplied to 3Keel via an online portal or submission form which is linked to a specific client can be provided back to the client.

G) Sensitive personal data must be transferred via Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

H) No commercially sensitive data will be shared publicly. Information will only be presented publicly in an aggregated format to ensure that nothing is directly attributable to any individual company.

I) Commercially sensitive data will be removed from our systems when a programme concludes.

J) You may request a copy of any personal data we hold on you, at any time, by e-mailing

Issued: 1 Apr 2023
Version: 2.1
Valid until: 31 March 2024
Issued by: Will Schreiber