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Established by 3Keel and Nestlé, LENs is being developed in partnership with a range of organisations.

Tom Curtis

Partner, 3Keel LLP

Tom is a founding Partner of 3Keel LLP, where he leads the Sustainable Landscapes practice area and the development of the Landscape Enterprise Networks (LENs) programme. Tom’s professional background is in forestry and mixed estate management, and he maintains an interest in practical land management through involvement on the organising committee for Food and Farming Consultations at St George’s House, and through work with the Soil Association Land Trust, where he is Chair of Trustees.

Catherine McCosker

Senior Consultant, 3Keel LLP

Catherine leads the Resilient Agriculture practice area at 3Keel, where she draws on her background in agriculture and land management, having worked on and managed farms in the northeastern US for 7 years before moving to the UK. She has been involved with LENs development and delivery since nearly its inception. Within the LENs approach, she specialises in supply side engagement and facilitation.

Andrew Griffiths

Head of Value Chain Sustainability, Nestlé UK

Andy is Head of Value Chain Sustainability for Nestlé’s UK&I businesses, responsible for the development and delivery of the Environmental Sustainability strategy both within the operation and across the value chain. He has worked for Nestlé UK&I for over 20 years, originally in operational and engineering roles. He is both a chartered environmentalist  and IEMA fellow, as well as a chartered engineer (IET).  Andy co-developed the LENs (Landscape Enterprise Network model) with 3Keel, to enable effective shared interest investment, at scale, into the regeneration of multifunctional landscapes.

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