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Network members began by conducting an opportunity analysis to identify potential landscape interventions in the region. This helped identify key beneficiaries – Wessex Water, the Ministry of Defence and the Wiltshire County Council. These members of the ‘demand side’ all depend on soil health and water quality. With the support of the supply aggregator Blacksheep Consulting and the trading platform EnTrade, the demand side transacted with the Pewsey Vale farmers group (the ‘supply side’). As an outcome, the farmers’ group successfully put in place phosphorus reduction measures.

The next step would be for members of the network in Wiltshire – both on demand and supply sides – to build a local governance structure.

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Wiltshire LENs at a glance


Understanding business needs from a landscape

Convening demand and supply sides to build a trading community

Building up a network with further trades and local governance

Start date Spring 2017
Summary Our trading community successfully conducted a trade delivering on soil health and water quality and its next step would be to build a local governance structure.

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